Well I had been waiting for this night for quite some time and it sure was worth the wait! It was The Concert Man’s 1st trip to the acclaimed Jammin Java in Vienna Virginia. As I walked through the door I was met by Jessica’s smiling face 🙂 and was immediately escorted to have my picture taken with the band. As I greeted the SK6ERS I was amazed that they remembered me from the Surf and Song Festival in Fort Myers Florida back in March where I was their band runner until I had to pass them off to my buddy Jeff aka “The Big Johnson from Wisconsin” due to Johnny Rzeznik being a complete needy little douche bag, but that’s another story for a another time.

At 8pm opening act CHRIS KOZA , a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter took the stage and opened up with his song named “The Healer”. I’ll tell you one thing, after every song all of the ladies let Chris know how much they loved his sound. The entire room would break out into what sounded like screaming Angles. Matt Nathanson taught me about the sweet sound of “Angles” and I love me the sound of Angles!  When it’s my time I’ll be at the pearly gates with my iPod listening to my “Angles” playlist. Hopefully Jah lets me in. After 4 songs Chris busted out a 26 song 3 minute acoustic Medley which was uniquely titled “Medley” and let me tell you, it was tight! I’ve heard and played many a medleys in my time but bravo my acoustical brotha. You put the ME back in medley! Good stuff! Then came a surprise as Stephen Kellogg himself got up on stage with Chris to perform a duet of one of Chris’ original songs. You would of thought that SK had been playing that song for years because it sounded so good. I’m really looking forward to hearing Chris perform tomorrow night at night #2 of SK6ERS Field Day Weekend again at Jammin’ Java.

Then came the moment we had all been waiting for. The moment when Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers took the stage. And as always when playing an intimate acoustic show they brought stories from the heart along with many laughs to compliment their musical performance. Also I was surprised and really liked Sammy’s new look which I would describe as a mix between a mobster on Boardwalk Empire mixed with a Lumberjack. I dig it….Do you?

So it was a great night of old songs, new songs, other bands songs and a surprise visit by Ms. Rachel Beauregard from the up and coming Nashville bound band NATIVE RUN. If you haven’t seen Native Run yet then be sure to check them out on July 27th at Jammin’ Java. You wont want to miss this performance. You can check out my concert review and a video I shot of Native Run from Rachel’s birthday show at The Night Cat in Easton Maryland by clicking this link Native Run @ Night Cat

SK6ERS played a slower first part of their set which SK said was totally the fault of the audience due to their requests sent in by the Field Day attendees. Ha! But it rocked our souls & memories for sure. After an absolutely hilarious Question & Answer session where the crowd was shocked by the first question of the night which was….well lets just say  the answer was “Technically No”. After the Q& A session the band picked up the tempo a bit by playing “Gravity” and one of my absolute favorites “Anthem of our Discovery”.

So thank you SK6ERS for exceeding my expectations as always. Well, until tomorrow at 10am…well maybe later than that but I’ll be there…..probably sleeping under a tree.

Big thanks to the Jammin’ Java staff who made my 1st experience there a memorable one. Great service along with a smiling face is hard to come by in a fast paced environment like that.

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