A spectacular show by Soundgarden last night at D.A.R. Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. Photos captured by TheConcertMan.com on 1/18/2013.  Below is the Setlist from the show. Enjoy the photos and I look forward to your comments.

The Concert Man


<a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHsjDEGyqT" target="_blank">Click to View</a>



Let Me Drown



Jesus Christ Pose

Room a Thousand Years Wide


By Crooked Steps

Been Away Too Long

My Wave

Worse Dreams

Drawing Flies

Ugly Truth

Fell on Black Days

Non-State Actor

Hunted Down

Blood on the Valley Floor

A Thousand Days Before


Live to Rise

Blow Up the Outside World

Loud Love

4th of July


Rusty Cage

Black Hole Sun

Slaves & Bulldozers

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