Just a stellar hometown performance by SOJA tonight at the 9:30 Club on Friday May 18, 2012 as they spread the sound & songs off their new album…..”Strength to Survive”.

Once again John Alagia strikes with glory and once with another band from MD-VA-DC. If you say MD-VA-DC really quickly 10 times over and over it may sound like a new MTV Mashup named after a new synthetic Hallucinogen drug or a new strain of the clap “Because She Was Just That Good” and now even ObamaCare cant cure it…ok I’ll stop with the politics(It’s DC and Im married to the Leftist of all thats Left….and Im always Right……….Ok Focus Matty….back to the moral of Jah Story…. When it comes to amazing music with a long list of incredibly talented musicians that is just absolutely Mind Boggling then we must give thanks & praise to Mr. Alagia who has over and over again delivered another dose of some Strength to Survive upon my ears, heart, mind & soul. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for his brilliance and his passion for the sound then I would not be Where I Am and Who I Am today. And honestly I’m just a regular everyday normal guy….but no where near as cool as Jon Lajoie portrays it to be. Ha!

Again, Great job tonight SOJA. Been waiting for you to come back to the area since the Merriweather show when you & VACO shared the stage with O.A.R. last August (NYE in Baltimore doesn’t count because the Mother In-LAW was in town). When I saw you guys at Merriweather Jacob had a “Rootz Underground” shirt on and “Holy Jah Moley Rastafari” those guys blazed that stage tonight…… “Rum Pom Pom Pom”….but I’ll have to save that for another blog. Thanks to everybody with the 9:30 Club, SOJA, Rootz Underground and that cool couple from the Salisbury we met tonight…..RESPECT!

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