A photo I took of Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction performing at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore Maryland on August 14, 2012. What an absolutely incredible performance by Jane’s Addiction. All aspects of that show kicked ass and boy let me tell you I had so much fun photographing this concert. The set was a little short I thought and even though the fans were begging for “Summertime Rolls” it wasn’t played. Oh well I can finally scratch Jane’s Addiction off my bucket list!


Mountain Song
Just Because
Been Caught Stealing
Ain’t No Right
Irresistible Force
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Up the Beach
Three Days
Splash a Little Water on It
Ocean Size

I ended up having to fight with the venue’s security all night. From the moment I had my bag searched at the gate to the moment I left the security guards were nothing but a pain in my ass. Here is the deal, the venue policy states “NO CAMERAS WITH DETACHABLE LENSES”. Well I am well aware of this policy which has become the norm at most venues with big named acts. So to get around this policy I use a Canon Powershot SX40 HS which is technically considered a “Point & Shoot” camera. NO LENS DETACHES AT ALL ON THIS CAMERA. So as I’m at the gate getting my bag searched the security guy asked me to pull out my camera to verify that the lens indeed did not detach. I complied and pulled it out and showed him it did not have a detachable lens and was not a DSLR camera. Well next thing I know out of no where comes the head of security stating that I could not use my camera because it had a detachable lens. I said no it doesn’t and showed it that in fact it didn’t. This is when the hypocrisy and the ego trip from venue security came into play which has become more common at these high profile shows. The head of security asked me if this camera has a zoom on it. U said yes, and that all digital cameras have a zoom on them including iPhones and Blackberry’s. He then asked “Where are your seats?” I just played dumb and handed him my ticket knowing that my seats were in the second row, dead center. He looked at my ticket and paused for several seconds before stating “OK, you can use this camera but you are not allowed to use the zoom feature on it”. I was thinking are you fucking kidding me! The policy states no camera with detachable lenses but nowhere is there any fine print that says unless you have a camera with a killer zoom and are sitting in the second row. Knowing the ego trips these guys are on I sais OK and they finally let me in the venue. I thought this whole issue with my camera was over but boy was I mistaken. About 45 minutes into the show as I am shooting that everything went black. As I removed my eye from my eye piece guess who was standing in front of me? Mr. Head of Security himself who then stated “If I see that lens zoom out 1 more time then you are out of here!” I was thinking you have got to be kidding me! All of this while there were at least 10 people around me with normal point & shoots, iPhones and other smartphones all up in the bands face video taping and taking pics with their lenses at full zoom. So I complied and for the rest of thew night I went ZOOM LESS. So while without zoom the band set up to do “Jane Says” and thought since everybody and there mother had been video taping the entire show with using their Smart Phones & their arms extended as high as possible I decided I would shoot a video. Well right in the middle of “Jane Says” I again end up with some other security guard, this time a woman, screaming at me saying “You cant take pictures with a camera that has a detachable lens”. I then had to stop recording and show her that my camera did not have a fucking detachable lens. She got really nasty with me but I kept my cool because I knew if I told her what I really thought then I would be kicked out.

Below is the video I was shooting of Jane Says and at the end of it was when I was interrupted by the Miss Know It All Security Guard who actually didn’t know shit.

The security staff should of been enforcing the no video policy and since everybody around me with smartphones were recording but no they decided to pick on me, the one person in the place that was actually following the photographing policy of “NO CAMERAS WITH DETACHABLE LENSES”. So in closing, the venue security staff needs to define their policy, teach their staff about cameras or stick to the policy that they had plastered on paper all over the venue. You can’t make exceptions due to a ticket holders seat location.

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  • Your pics are amazing from this show, Matt.. I showed them to the kids and they were highly impressed!. Sorry you had such a hard time with security. Complete d-bags! Were you wearing your official shirt? 🙂

    • Thanks Pam! I had 2nd row seats and the lighting was just perfect in that venue. I took 3,500 pictures that night. I usually take between 2,000 – 3,000 per show. Out of that about 1-2% were good enough to process but now I’m up to about 15%. Like they say, practice makes perfect. And yes it was the 1st night that I wore my official shirt and it seems like I get more shit from security with my shirt on. I also got shit from security at the Jason Mraz concert. Oh, well guess I have to take the power back. I have a lot of shows coming up and hopefully some of my photos get noticed so I can finally get a photo pass to a show. It sucks being shorter than everybody and having to shoot through people. I want to get the opportunity to shoot from up front! The closer I can shoot the better the pictures will be.

  • Just came across your site. VERY COOL stuff. Wondering if you list somewhere what kind of equipment you use? Thanks! Keep up the good work.
    I am trying to step up the quality of my videos up recently, but have not found very many smaller cameras with decent concert sound capabilities. Most bass from concerts distort out everything. I have stuck with my Sony camera for so long cuz the audio is pretty decent. Check out my videos if you get a chance. youtube.com/azherbboy

  • Just a Pro-Tip…even with a photo pass, 99% of shows you are only allowed to shoot the first three songs. That’s partially out of respect to the artist, and partially out of respect to the audience. And you’re never “allowed” to shoot video. Respect those basic guidelines, and the venue/security will respect you. Some decent shots in there for what you’re working with, btw.

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