I tell you, if you dont read the 9:30 Club email blasts very carefully it’s so easy to miss their SURPRISE announcements when something or someone BIG is coming to the Club or to a “9:30 Club Presents” venue. When I saw that these guys were going to be performing at the tiny 500 person capacity U Street Music Hall which is literally a basement dance club where DJ’s do their thing I was like, “No Fuckin’ Way”! AWESOME! I mean these guys have such a huge following and are use to playing much larger crowds. I could easily see them selling out back to back nights at the 900+ capacity 9:30 Club but singer Brian Fallon stated that “We decided to do a run of really small venues first rather than blast out the biggest possible places we could because we wanted another chance to remember what it’s like to be right there in the heat of it. We’re gonna be setting up for the record to come out and we’ll play some new songs, but really what you’re gonna get is LOTS of old favorites. It’s kind of our “Thanks to Everybody Who Got Us to the Big Places Tour”… so to say thanks we’re gonna dig up the old jams we might not’ve played in a while, in the venues we used to play them. It’s Gonna Be Super Rad!.” He also stated during the show that “they would be back soon and will be playing at much larger venues”.

Well… Super Rad it was!!

Such a small venue with great sound and electrifying energy as the band played their set which was primarily made up of their songs from their already released albums but they did belt out 3 new songs from their new album “Handwritten”, which will be released this Tuesday July 24, 2012. I must say that the Brian Fallon’s Red Rickenbacker 12 String electric guitar was a beauty. The only way that I could explain to my wife just how beautiful this guitar was I had to use the comparison of normal girls shoes and Dorothy’s Ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. Then that made total sense to her. LOL!

As the show came to the end we walked up out of the basement club and ended up outside by the tour bus where the band members hung out and talked to their friends & fans in the misty rain. We hung out for about an hour and met a couple, Adam & Tammy who are huge fans of the band and let me snap this picture of the setlist that they grabbed and were getting autographed by the band.

Good Times, Good People, and Awesome Music. Big thanks to “9:30 Club Presents” for organizing this show. It’s always good to see familiar faces in new & different places.

The Concert Man & That Guy from the 9:30 Club

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  • Hey buddy its Adam from the gaslight show, just wanted to say this was a great review and the pics came out awesome. Thanks for the Adam & Tammy name drop, hope to see soon at another show. Later

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