No matter how HOT it may be, nothing can keep THE CONCERT MAN from a GREAT Concert. Braving the elements I embarked on a journey to The Filene Center at Wolf Trap for my first visit to this venue to witness a performance by an old favorite of mine “Counting Crows”….which I haven’t seen live since 1997.

    After massive hydration and a lost ticket scare I made my way to my seat within the wooden amphitheater where I was exposed to 3 opening acts that I had never heard or seen before. They were  “Filligar”, “Foreign Fields” & “Good Old War”. All 3 bands were SOLID!! And guess who else braved the elements and played the announcer for these 3 bands???? None other than Counting Crows vocalist Adam Duritz!!

   The lights went out at 8:50pm and the song “Lean on Me” was played through the sound system. Then the Counting Crows took the stage for a nostalgic ride down memory lane starting off with “Sullivan Street”.  The 90 minute performance was filled with songs of old and new. As the night was coming to a close the Counting Crows were joined by a 3 opening acts for a few songs and encored with “Hangin’ Around” which included an amazing trumpet solo by Andre Carter. Check out the video I shot of “Hangin’ Around” from my YouTube site.

(Above) Counting Crows performing Hangin’ Around with Filligar, Foreign Fields & Good Old War. (Below) Andre Carter tearing it up on Trumpet!!!!
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Counting Crows-1-37Counting Crows-1-36Counting Crows-1-35Counting Crows-1-34Counting Crows-1-33Counting Crows-1-32
Counting Crows-1-31Counting Crows-1-30Counting Crows-1-28Counting Crows-1-27Counting Crows-1-26Counting Crows-1-25
Counting Crows-1-24Counting Crows-1-23Counting Crows-1-22Counting Crows-1-21Counting Crows-1-20Counting Crows-1-19

The Concert Man’s photos from Counting Crows Live @ Wolf Trap on 6/20/12.

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  • Saw this show too. Row G. Great night and my favorite part was when he stuck the quote from Crimson and Clover at the end of St. Robinson. I bought the 45 record by Tommy James and the Shondells back in 1969. First rock and roll I ever bought

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